Private Clients

Private Clients

Our banking and finance team are here to advise and assist private individuals who are considering pursuing a Payment Protection Insurance claim against a lender institution. We act as trusted legal advisers to individuals and businesses. We aim for close long-term relationships in order to provide straightforward advice on the various situations and opportunities that can arise in dealing with compensation for PPI. Confidential and discreet handling of all matters is a crucial part of our process.

As a law firm we are regulated by the SRA and operate under strict guidelines on compliance and codes of conduct. We adhere to strict principles that include;

Acting with integrity; Personal integrity is central to our role as a trusted adviser to clients.

Acting in the best interests of our clients; We will always only act in the best interest of our clients.

Providing a proper standard of service to our clients; We aim to exercise competence, skill, and diligence and take into account (at all times) the individual needs and circumstances of each client.

Maintaining trust; We will (always) (endeavour) behave in a way that allows members of the public to place their trust in us.

If you wish to claim or have your claim re-investigated, please click here and simply fill in the form and we will be in touch with you as soon as we can. Alternatively, please call us on 0800 599 9993 and one of our legal team will assist you.

We will never cold call customers to obtain business or harass them for unnecessary information.

Each case is dealt with on its merits and is handled by an individual case worker that has legal training. We may be introduced to you by a Claims company but will only act on your behalf if you are happy with us to do so and only with your written instruction. (We act for you as the client and regardless of any interests of an introducer or fee sharer). We seek to ensure that any introductions have not violated rules (surrounding) the Data Protection Act.

Our fees are only paid if you win your case and represent (fairly) our costs for the specialist work that we do.

Why Now

Key legal decisions have fundamentally altered the opportunities for those claiming PPI compensation.The judgement in Plevin vs Paragon Personal Finance (2014) allows customers to bring an unfair relationship claim based on non-disclosure of commissions. Other recent cases have upheld this judgement and previously rejected cases can now be re-opened on fresh grounds of complaint including those (falling within what is termed extortionate credit arrangements).

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) confirmed a final deadline for making a new PPI complaint to be 29 August 2019, preceded by a two year communications campaign. The FCA also issued rules and guidance in handling complaints in light of Plevin. The FCA’s approach confirms a 50% commission ‘tipping point’ at which firms should presume that the failure to disclose commission gave rise to an unfair relationship. They state that the profit share should be included in a firms’ calculation of commission and redress will be calculated as the excess commission over the 50% tipping point.


The opportunities to re-examine old PPI cases fall into four categories;

1. Plevin

Cases rejected after proof of PPI can now be re-opened on fresh grounds of complaint under unfair provisions of the Consumer credit act 1974. 42% of all personal loans and credit cards fall within the scope of CCA. Over 10% of previously rejected cases have been found by ClaimLion Law to have successful Plevin claims.

2. Cases rejected as having no PPI

These can be re-opened as banks are “forced” by us to search and re-investigate all client’s products. ClaimLion Law successfully forced Santander to reopen all their old cases. Over 8% of previously rejected cases have resulted in successful new claims.

3. Previously won cases

Due to new legal protocols, greater lender search capabilities, and the extent of mis calculation in previous awards many historical cases are worthy of reprocessing.

4. Other

Cases that were previously thought to be time barred or contain extortionate or unfair credit provisions can also now be challenged following changes in the legal landscape surrounding PPI claims.