Plevin PPI Claims

Plevin PPI Claims


If you missed the PPI deadline, we could help you recover your PPI premiums plus interest even though the PPI deadline has now passed.

We are PPI litigation specialists who work on behalf of clients who have missed the deadline to bring a claim against their lender for mis-sold PPI. We are not time barred by the FCA rulings.

The deadline for bringing a complaint against a business or lender regarding mis-sold PPI was the 29 August 2019. At ClaimLion Law we can still claim back PPI and interest on your behalf through our specialist litigation process.

UK banks sold payment protection policies alongside loans, mortgages, credit cards, store cards, car finance and other credit agreements to cover repayments if the borrower, due to for example illness, disability, and redundancy to name but a few and could not make their payments.

Many financial institutions routinely mis-sold this product to people who were not aware that they were buying it or who had sufficient cover already. Some consumers were mis-sold PPI when they would not have been eligible to make a claim under the policy. The banks have already paid out £50bn in compensation for mis-sold PPI, making it the largest consumer redress amount in history.

It is less known that banks selling PPI would also receive huge commissions from insurers, sometimes accounting for more than 95% of the total cost of the policy. The banks never disclosed these commissions to their customers. The court in the leading case of Plevin v Paragon Personal Finance Limited at the Supreme Court said that if the banks had informed their customers of the high level of these commissions, it is likely that many customers would not have bought the policy. The Court ruled that where a lender or other provider failed to disclose high rates of commission from a consumer, this created an unfair relationship between the lender and the consumer. Consequently, these consumers are entitled to a refund of the full amount of commission paid plus 8% compensatory interest. If you want to learn more, you can read the full judgment here

A decision in the Supreme Court has fundamentally altered PPI claims in the UK. The judgement in Plevin vs Paragon Personal Finance (2014) allows customers to bring an unfair relationship claim based on non-disclosure of commissions. Other recent cases have upheld this judgement and previously rejected PPI cases can now be re-opened following the ruling in Plevin.

The FCA has issued rules and guidance in handling complaints in light of Plevin, which state that customers are automatically entitled to redress for commission above 50%. However, we can take this further for you, we are able to recover the remaining commission over the 50% tipping point to provide customers with a significant increase in their potential redress.

Here at ClaimLion Law we specialise in recovering the PPI premiums you paid plus interest which you are entitled too even though the deadline has passed.

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