Undisclosed Commission

Undisclosed Commission


Even though the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) deadline of Aug 2019 has passed for PPI mis-selling claims, you can still get money back (with interest) if it is found that your lender earned commission for selling a PPI policy or paid commission to a broker for arranging your loan if you didn’t know about it!

We’ve helped thousands of people like you to claim money back that is rightfully theirs.

Originally for mis-sold PPI policies, but right now we’re helping people to claim back Undisclosed Commission that was applied without their knowledge to either a PPI policy or paid to a broker when the loan was arranged.

Some lenders charged as much as 95% commission, so only 5% was actually paid for PPI cover.

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What is Undisclosed Commission?

As well as mis-selling up to £50billion of PPI policies, according to the FCA lenders on average added 67% in commission to PPI policies. Often without telling you the consumer.

Lenders also paid high levels of commission on the actual loan to brokers which the courts have said is unfair if this wasn’t made clear to you, so you can now make a new case to reclaim all commission, payments & accrued interest.

Why you can claim

A recent case in 2021, brought by Ms Beverley Potter ruled that ‘deliberate concealment’ of commission of 95% meant that a PPI policy or loan agreement can be revisited even if it has ended some time ago.

And an earlier court case in 2014 ruled that a customer called Susan Plevin was unfairly treated because she wasn’t told about how much commission the firm would earn from selling her a PPI policy. Subsequently, the FCA ruled that even if you weren’t mis-sold PPI, you should still receive compensation if over 50% of your PPI costs was hidden commission; this became known as a ‘Plevin’ payment.

That’s why, lots of people like you are using specialists like us to reclaim money back that is rightfully theirs.

* Based on claims for undisclosed commission related to a PPI policy with an average settlement of £3,580 with legal costs of £478.49 and Legal firm fee of £1,488.72, on average clients retained £1,612.79

Things you should know before you start an Undisclosed Commission claim

Even though the August 2019 PPI mis-selling deadline has passed, you can still challenge your banks decision about your pre-PPI deadline claim, if you disagree with their final decision, at no cost through the Financial Ombudsman Service.

For more information, visit www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/consumers/complaints

If you missed the PPI deadline, but believe you may have been mis-sold PPI by a firm who are no longer trading, you can ask the Financial Services Compensation Scheme to investigate without paying a fee, even after the PPI 29th August 2019 deadline.

For more information, visit www.fscs.org.uk/what-we-cover/PPI

If neither of these two options apply to you, the only way to make a PPI claim now is through an ‘Unfair Relationship’ claim† to reclaim undisclosed PPI commission through a litigation claims process, which may involve a legal partner making a court claim against your lender on your behalf.

† There are some exceptions to this which are explained at https://www.financialombudsman.org.uk/consumers/complaints-can-help/ppi

You do not have to use a claims management company, or a litigation specialist like ClaimLion Law to assess or pursue your ‘Unfair Relationship’ claim. You are free to seek advice elsewhere and make your claim directly through an alternative solicitor.

ClaimLion Law is run by specialists with years of claims management experience, and they have helped thousands of customers to achieve successful Undisclosed PPI Commission settlements. Why not see if they can help you to achieve more!


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